Our Advantages

GKA Factory
Coil Processing Line
Laser Machine
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Having been in the business since 1975, we have the most extensive experience in stainless steel sheet-fabrication in the Indonesian market. Our engineering team have faced and solved all kinds of issues and problems in the hundreds of big projects that we completed over the years. We stand ready to utilize this invaluable experience for YOU.


We have 2 fabrication workshops, totalling at 26,000 m2, filled with high end machinery and tools. Our capabilities and capacity is time-tested with our numerous projects.

Our equipment are, but not limited to:

  1. Coil processing line
  2. Laser cutting machines
  3. Dedicated V-cut machines
  4. 6 meter long sheet-bending machines
  5. Press Brakes machines
  6. Sheet rolling machines
  7. Milling Machines


Unlike most companies in this sector, we have multiple in-house experienced installation teams who travel all over Indonesia to install our products.

As a result, our operations are more streamlined and more responsive to the sometimes unforeseen situations that happens in a project.

Do you need a high quality contractor for your project?